The Legend of the Yeagermonster

The city floated on a sea of black oil. The city was vast and rich and the townspeople were generally very happy. There was one problem though. Every morning, the doj would run through the forest to the city, harassing citizens. Doj were large rodent-like creatures with blank eyes, a long snoot and a diabolical grinning mouth. Their bristly fur was black and oozed a fine oil that left a stink on everything to touched. They were wily, athletic enough to climb trees to find the citizens hiding in the branches, and they used their long snoots to root in the ground to find those who tried to hide beneath the surface. They were relentless. Some townspeople, in an effort to mollify the doj, would leave saucers of tender stewed meat in thick cream on their doorsteps. Even after devouring the dish, the doj would demand more.

The doj were ruled by Gov, the lord of all creatures. Gov was tall as the Transco Tower and his power was absolute. On every cobbled street were a tangle of chains, for Gov had forced each business and each home to commit to keeping itself tied to Gov. The men were sheepish about the chains. The ladies wore theirs as necklaces and bracelets.

But the Yeagermonster was unlike anyone else in the town. The Yeagermonster was huge, but not as huge as Gov, and he was beautiful and fierce, and many townspeople adored him, though others were frightened at his refusal to obey. When the doj came to his abode each morning, he crushed their necks with his giant foot, and threw the fetid bodies into the bog for the other doj to devour. He refused to don chains. Gov would move his massive arm, and shuffle the chains that coursed through the city like golden snakes, and Gov became suspicious that the Yeagermonster would not chain himself. Gov had sent doj only to lose them by the hundreds. But now Gov had lost patience.

Gov dragged his massive chains behind him and came to visit Yeagermonster at home. Yeagermonster refused to let him in! Because Yeagermonster refused to even discuss putting chains on himself or his business, Gov, whose word was final, accused him of doing something illegal.

Yeagermonster infused the air with information. Gov replied he could not see information in the air and thus his business did not exist. But Yeagermonster knew that it did, and he would not allow Gov to have authority of himself. He refused the doj and the chains and he would defy Gov himself.

Finally, one morning Gov demanded Yeagermonster answer for himself. Yeagermonster was angry. He had enough harassment! With a mighty sweep of his sword, he cut the chains of all the other businesses, and because Gov was so large and suddenly untethered by the millions of chains, Gov toppled backward, and fell in the bog and drowned.

The townspeople looked to Yeagermonster with awe. Because he had conquered Gov, they believed him to be all powerful and they quickly bowed and attempted to fasten their chains to him.

Yeagermonster refused. He did not want others’ chains. He only wanted the freedom to be unchained himself. But in giving himself freedom, he had given the whole city freedom.

Yeagermonster expected no gratitude. He wanted no fame. So after Gov was defeated, he left the townspeople to themselves and returned to the city, to work.