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[The photo board of images on Learnist from the book, Blogging Enron: The Enron Broadband Story, has been featured on Learnist’s homepage as one of the boards which “exemplify what you can do with Learnist.”  This post, which appeared on the Rumble Press Blogging Enron Blog on January 4, 2014, describes how and why Rumble Press used the Learnist site and services.]

Photo boards can be great for sharing text as well as images.  Because there are so many images in Blogging Enron: The Enron Broadband Story, photo boards have proved to be a big hit with people interested in the book and its subject matter.  In our previous post, we talked about the Blogging Enron photo boards on Flickr and Pinterest.  Those sites are great ways to share photos.  

In addition, we just finished creating a photo board on Learnist.  A friend described Learnist as “Pinterest for eggheads” because, apparently, it is quite popular with educators and professionals (as well as the general public also, of course).  When you want to flow your images along a board like a presentation with lots of text, Learnist is a great choice — it provides an excellent template for that type of image board.  It provides handy numbering of your images which makes organizing and re-ordering them easier.

The Learnist photo board for Blogging Enron contains 63 images.  A screenshot of image number 12 is included above — it is from Chapter 6 of the book, titled “Are The Broadband Three Really This Dumb or Is the Government Just Evil?”.  

The text descriptions of the image on a Learnist board may appear below or to the side of the photo, depending on the size of the image and the amount of text.  The result for Blogging Enron is a handy board that gives people a nice preview of the book which they can easily browse and share from any device.  

Check out the Blogging Enron board on Learnist and let us know what you think!


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