A Terrific Book By Former CEO of Enron Europe

John Sherriff was the highly successful CEO of Enron Europe. He has just launched his book, Lucky and Good: Risks, Decisions and Bets for Investors, Traders and Entrepreneurs, available at Amazon, here.

John’s book is chock full of useful insights about business decision making, with tons of examples to highlight the real-world application of his insights and principles. John groups his insights and examples into the “four stages of business” — “Find It, Decide, Go For It, and Fix It” — which makes the material as practical as it is entertaining. In fact, in addition to the anecdotes sprinkled throughout the book, the author walks through eight additional real-world business applications towards the end of the book to demonstrate his ideas in action.

John’s book is not directly about Enron; however, he sprinkles the book with examples and anecdotes from Enron — this is actually quite effective because it shows actual examples of the real businesses of Enron, something which people seem to have forgotten after Enron’s downfall. For example, among the applications that John walks through in detail are Enron Online, Enron Direct, and Enron Credit

In the conclusion of his book, John does talk directly about the Enron legal events from his perspective. Here is an excerpt:

“I always had a great relationship with both Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay, and found them amazingly supportive. But the government really had them in their sights as Enron went down in flames. When the final story is eventually told, now that everyone can speak without the threat of government prosecution, I think we will hear about even more prosecutorial misconduct.”

I highly recommend this fascinating and entertaining book!

Cara Ellison


  1. Where did Cara go? We used to look forward to a fairly regular stream of updates from her, now we get one about once a month… if that.

    Is she too busy writing “romance” novels? I don’t know how that can take precedence over coverage of one of the most important stories in the business world in the last 50 years.

    • I’m still here. Life is going to be super-busy until the New Year as I finish a book I’m contracted to write though so posting will be irregular and will be mostly from Leo.

      Thanks for your comment!

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