Andy Fastow To Keynote ACFE Conference

Andy Fastow, former CFO of Enron Corporation, is set to speak at this year’s ACFE Fraud Conference. On the speaker’s page, Mr Fastow is titled “Convicted Fraudster”, which sounds a little unkind, especially for someone who is, you know, volunteering to speak at your conference (Mr Fastow is not being paid for his appearance.) They could have simply titled him “Former Enron CFO” or some such. But nope, they gotta make their bones I guess.

Cara Ellison


  1. I think Andy is strong enough to take this on the chin. Technicaly, it’s correct and he did admit his guilt did he not?

    I would be interested to hear his speech if a recording is published.

  2. Yes, he said he was guilty, but I do not recall the word “fraudster” anywhere in the indictment or his plea agreement. That is a description of the person Andy Fastow, not his deeds, and I do not believe it was an accident that they chose that word. Words have meaning. They’re being assholes to him, even as he’s boosting their revenue and profile by appearing at the conference (not to mention he’s doing it gratis.)

  3. No, it was not an accident that the word was used; the word accurately and completely describes his deeds. He will be forever be a convicted felon, calling him a “fraudster” seems generous by comparison.

  4. In agreement with Arthur.

    Cara, he is a convicted fraudster. He pled guilty to two counts of wire and securities fraud.

    He has served his time and is free to do as he pleases with his life, and make his living any way he can.

    The ACFE has a duty to describe him as he is, and he could of course refuse to put himself in that position. However it appears that he is now marking a course in giving advice as the sage of sinning. So be it.

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