Big Solves A Dream

This afternoon I sent Big an email with a strange request: I’d had a nightmare last night involving a weird puzzle, and it was bothering me. I asked Big to solve it. He did. I think this is very telling and amusing enough to share.

From me:

I had a puzzle dream last night and I need you to help me solve it!

I was with Hugh Laurie (mmmm, yesss!) in a breathtaking mansion in Peru overlooking the ocean. We were talking by the grand wooden banister and he looked through the open window and said, “They’re here. Run!”

Obviously, these were the bad guys. I ran up the stairs and then heard them crash in the door behind me. I jumped into the first place I could find. It was a built-in wardrobe or cabinet. I jumped up, and tried to close the door, but it wouldn’t close. It was about 3/4 closed. As the bad guys in black walked past me, they smiled and then shot something near me. I was surprised to see it was a hook of some kind, now embedded in the wooden cabinetry around me, and had a long, black, very light string attached to it. It was so light it seemed to float in the air. If this thing touched me, it would electrocute me. One of the men said, “If it closes the circuit and touches anything it will produce a shock so powerful it will kill you instantly.”

The man then shot hundreds more so that they were all around me. Then I woke up.

Assuming I can’t move or will get shocked, and assuming if any other person (such as the handsome Mr Laurie) were to touch them, he would get shocked, how do I get out of this situation? My only thought was that Mr Laurie would have to carefully remove the closet door, but even that seems very risky.

It’s a puzzle and I am still trying to work it out. How do I get out of the closet?

His reply:

Pull hairs from your head. Blow them one by one up onto the electrocution strings so that your hair strands touch at least two electro-strings. This will cause the electro-strings to shirt circuit and burn out. Try to do this systematically so that you burn out the electro-strings from one side to the next.

When you get free, find a gun and go shoot the bad guys.

This is irrefutable proof that he is the most useful person to have around in a pinch.

Cara Ellison

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