Cara Ellison

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  1. Do you know style of citation this? At first look, it seems to be APA. By since your surname more than one. That irk me. You nay not be an academic, you are an author whose personal exspearaion is the base for your facts finding mission. In other word, if you exspesearion the enron ubran league, you would not be so committed spreading thrue. This is the problem with wastkin: she clam to have a diffent relationship than you. If she had no eminence that she ever worker at Enron, creitable would be called in question by people you, O200, Christ north:) and those know the truth of enron.
    I love for you to come out info saying she NEVER worked at enron beause I want doubt, but you said she did work there…. Since I was in jr high and 9th ten year ago, I personal even be sure. I a m not calling you lying! That type for se one just starting out researching Enron it can be a “four gospels” issues. Please be gentile l it you rip me a new one for saying that.
    If the truth and lies are lay out in front of a person, one must chose what to believe base on factors. Facts and the true are rarely the strongest. Mr Skilling would be teaching at Harvard business rigth now, well Monday it saturday, if it was. Hope that explain that dumbly phases statement.
    I am not dumb even to prose the idea of that she is or even that she believe that she is tell true! Yet, it is a commutations given that people in addition to lying reshape moments to fit their construed narrative. While reshaping sounds like lying in the lay everyday, in commutations theory lying and reagaping are two different idea or conspest.
    And I’m sorry I see comm theory all over the idea identify. Yes psychology and other lane soft social sciences, I feel it “belongs” to comm theory! If identity alone makes one creditable, thst make you crediteable. I know you say you don’t care about your creditable, buy inyour defense nor did jesus! He just spoke the truth and others chose for themselves.
    What books us this, name and auther?

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