Enron: Ten Years Later Presented By David Pope

David Pope is scheduled to give a presentation about Enron on March 1.

Enron 10 Years Later: An Insider’s Perspective
David Pope, President & CEO
Niska Gas Storage Management LLC

I’m torn about this. David Pope is a legitimate Enron executive but he was not actually in the Houston office during the relevant years, so this feels a bit opportunitistic to me. However, I expect many of these to spring up this Autumn, when the official ten year anniversary of the collapse is observed. You can be Sherron Watkins, for instance, will be up in all our grills.

To his credit, I’ve not seen David Pope give talks before about Enron. On the other hand, how relevant is it now – some ten years later?


When Dave Pope’s Company, Canadian Gas Marketing, was purchased by Enron in 1992, he joined America’s favourite company. Enron was voted by Fortune Magazine as America’s Most Admired and Most Innovative company from 1995-2000 – the five years before its spectacular crash in 2001. During his nine years there, Dave had the opportunity to witness its explosive growth in both Canada and Europe. As VP of its Gas Marketing and Trading group based in London, Dave saw the workforce grow from less than a hundred to over 3,000 employees in five years. “Up or out” was the corporate slogan that saw the bottom performers let go year over year, while the best performers were rewarded handsomely. A culture of competitiveness was pervasive, and all the while the stock price soared. Today, the former CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, is in jail, and Enron is synonymous with corporate fraud. Dave will share his thoughts on corporate culture and Ethics at Enron, and the responsibility he believes lies with leaders of all organizations.

Today Dave Pope is President and CEO of Niska Gas Storage Management LLC, a New York publicly listed company.


David F. Pope

David Pope is President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board, the board of directors of Niska Gas Storage Management LLC and the board of supervisors of Niska GS Holdings US, L.P. and Niska GS Canada, L.P., the parent of Niska Gas Storage Partners LLC (“the Company”). Mr. Pope has been the President and Chief Executive Officer since June 2006.

Prior to his current role with the Company, Mr. Pope served as the President of Seminole Canada Gas Company since 2002, and prior to that held various positions in the natural gas industry since 1980. In 1992, Mr. Pope began his employment with Enron Corporation after it acquired Canadian Gas Marketing, a company Mr. Pope founded in 1989. He worked for Enron Corporation as Vice President of its gas marketing and trading group from 1992 until March 2001, nine month’s prior to Enron Corporation’s filing of a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 reorganization with the U.S. Bankruptcy court in December of 2001.

Mr. Pope has served as a director of GEP Midstream Finance Corp., or GEP Midstream, and as a director of Gibson Energy ULC, or Gibson Energy, between 2008 and 2010. Mr. Pope has a bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal and Quebec, and has worked in the natural gas industry for his entire career.

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