Commenting On Recent Search Terms

It’s been a while since I’ve done this so I figure what the heck. These are search terms from the last 8 hours (I’ve deleted the repeated ones and some of the stupid ones and some of the completely bewildering ones).

cara ellison


Ken Rice Enron Biography

This is getting weird. Stop searching for that. There are a few Rice posts, but you are starting to freak me out with your weekly searches for Ken Rice stuff.

andy fastow

This is better than the guy yesterday who was searching for “Anthony Fastow.” Imagining Fastow being Italian puts all kinds of funny ideas in my head.

corp org

This person found the Cara Ellison Org Chart.

bad company mission statements


ask why enron

Aww, some people remember. Good!

john kroger

Some better search terms might be “liar”, “prosecutorial abuse”, “moron” and “ego-manic”.

jeff skilling



The NatWest bankers are innocent.

enron bos

Oh you’ll find plenty about the BOS. See also: EIN.

gas bank enron

I love that people remember this stuff.

enron casefamous whistleblowers

Oh lord.

enron sentences

There are a couple of posts on the prison sentences of Enron executives. Unless you mean “sentence” as in a sentence of words, like: “There was no fraud or conspiracy at Enron.”

lynch mob and ken lay

Yes indeed.

scott yeager

Awesomest dude around.

michael kopper enron

I have a couple of solo Kopper posts but mostly he’s mixed in with other posts. See “Andy Fastow” and “NatWest Three.”

enron chanos

The subject makes me queasy.

enron world trade center

This is either someone looking for Enron’s annual report with a picture of the WTC on it, or its a conspiracy theorist.

enron building

Many posts about the buildings here.

enron offices


global galatic

Oh great subject. I have a few in depth essays about that.

rex shelby enron

Nothing I say about him can do justice to the man he is. He is magnificent and perfect.

kevin hannon enron

Kevin Hannon stuff is usually found with the Skilling stuff. I’ve mentioned him a few times when discussing prosecutorial abuse.

enron and gas bank to buy gas


sexy accountant

Essay about something Michael Krautz’s attorney said during closing statements.

lea fastow children

God, what a tragic subject.

why was gas bank successful for enron

Somebody’s in an MBA program.

enron email transcript


enron broadband trial

A subject very well covered.

Cara Ellison

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