The Enron Building On Sunday Morning

This morning, I ran downtown. I like it in the mornings because it is empty and because I can photograph the beautiful Enron building without people coming and going. I took some pictures and one video. I don’t know why I was talking so fast in the video. I was a little out of breath from running, I guess. I am not usually so rush-rush.

After I left I felt like I was a prisoner in the Bastille, looking through the bars, and observing the slaughter of nobles.

And this one just broke my heart. It was like something that I didn’t want to happen suddenly became really officially official:

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2 thoughts on “The Enron Building On Sunday Morning

  1. I am doing a paper on enron right now and was wondering what they did with the old building. Do people occupy it still or is it abandoned?

  2. It’s occupied by the offices of Cara Ellison Corporation and Chevron.

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