Andy Fastow Moved Again

Andy Fastow was moved (again) from Colorado to Louisiana. I don’t know why yet. I’m curious about the move because according to his original timeline, he would have been moved to a halfway house by now. Since he was taken out of RDAP, that timeline doesn’t work anymore.

A few people I’ve spoken to about prison assure me that the BOP is first and foremost lazy, and secondly cruel. So whatever the reason behind the move, we can be assured it wasn’t because anything Andy requested.

UPDATE – 6/27/10

I received an email from someone who would know what’s up with Andy. This is what it said:

In all likelihood he was moved to Colorado so he could participate in RDAP since they don’t have a program at Oakdale or at Pollock. Since he was yanked from the program, they probably moved him to make room for another person to attend the RDAP at Florence. There is an obligation on the part of the BoP to try to keep inmates within 500 miles of their home, so that is why they probably moved him back to Louisiana. Why they didn’t move him to Beaumont or Bastrop? Who knows… there was probably available space at Pollock. It also seems that the BoP has it in for certain prisoners and I’m sure Andy falls into that category. They have likely concluded he did not get appropriately punished by the judge, so they will make his life as miserable as possible. Pollock is 250 miles away vs 200 to Oakdale vs 75 to Beaumont (and Beaumont is a much larger camp).

Cara Ellison

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