Jeff Skilling SCOTUS Decision Expected Thursday

The SCOTUS decision which could spring Jeff Skilling from prison and overturn Honest Services is expected on Thursday. The Supreme Court issued a statement on Friday that it would publish its decisions on Monday and Thursday. Today’s decisions did not include Skilling v. USA so Thursday is our day.

Fingers crossed!

Cara Ellison


  1. I don’t really see anything about honest services. I’m not sure what happened – you’re implying there was some scandal but I don’t see what it has to do with honest services. Can you point that out?


  2. the entire phony case against was based on my “deprivation of honest services to my employer” The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

    I was railroaded into federal prison for 55 months and I continue to be harassed by the Feds on a daily basis.

    This was the misuse of this vague statue.

  3. It’s a grotesque statute. I pray that Skilling overturns it. Your story is just one of scores I’ve heard with the same elements. Horrifying.

    Did you just get out of prison or are you about to go in?

  4. I was released about 3 1/2 months ago. I am blacklisted in my industry. I am at a menial job barely making enough to buy lunch.
    Since speaking out I am harassed by us probation and us attorney’s office.

    Is this America?

  5. That’s awful. I’m sorry you endured that. You’d be shocked at the number of emails I get every week from people who are also victims of overzealous prosecutions, honest services fraud abuse, and general harassment at the hands of the government. Nothing fazes me anymore.

  6. The number of innocent people in prison is almost certainly much higher than I ever thought possible.

    People do need to know this and people need to speak out. Go to http://www.ungagged.net to see more examples of abuse.

    Cara is doing a service to all American Citizens with her blog pointing out these facts and making them available.

    It is terrible that you had to endure the indictement, the conviction, the prison and now the aftermath. It is against everything we hold to be true about our justice system for US citizens.

  7. There is so much obvious corruption in the Federal Court system especially here in NYC. The influence peddling is unbelievable. They use the vagueness of this statute as a “club” to convict anyone of anything. Then after you serve your unjustified time in prison they blacklist you to you from resources you need to expose the corruption and the persons responsible.
    Thank you for your kind wishes.

  8. It is terrible that here in The United States of America our freedom is at stake over such an absurd law. These federal prosecutors and Federal Judges could not care less about justice. It’s about all about witch hunts. And they use this ridiculous law as the weapon to beat up American Citizens. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will strike it down and victims like myself will have their convictions vacated and will begin the long and difficult process of trying to rebuild our lives. In my case they went as far as denying me a trial. The mere suggestion or allegation of a crime is now enough to put you in prison for years. By the way, the Appeals process is a joke. They never rule against each other…never. No matter what the most basic constitutional violations are.

  9. Hi Kris,

    If the Supreme Court overturns Honest Services, then the people who are being prosecuted for it will no doubt file a motion citing the new ruling. If the judge in their case agrees with them, the charges can be dismissed. In many cases, the prosecutor will simply re-indict on other charges excluding honest services (see Kevin Howard’s case).

  10. Well if you’re finished with your sentence, I would think there’s nothing to litigate, right?

    It isn’t an automatic thing. They won’t just clear your record because of the Supreme Court ruling. It still has to wind itself through the system to be vacated.

    I don’t know the details of your case but my instinct is that if it’s over, just let it go. I know it sucks, but unless you want to keep antagonizing them, it seems the most prudent course of action.

    Also if you’ve already served your sentence, they can’t re-indict you on the charges for which you’ve already been punished. In fact, thanks to Scott Yeager, they can’t even charge you for other things for which a jury has already considered the facts in evidence.

  11. Thank you for your response.
    My career is ruined I can’t even get a decent job.

    They destroyed my life there has to be some kind of remedy. I will continue to expose them and fight.

    This is terrible that they might get away with this

    Again, thank you for all your insights.

  12. I know it must be awful. It’s a terrible, grinding system and prosecutors ruin lives every day. I’m sorry you were one of the victims of that.

    There’s really no remedy – that’s the shame of it. Even the richest men can’t compare to the resources of the US government. They can outspend you, intimidate you, and ruin you and then celebrate their victory and generally be praised by the public because the public have no idea what the prosecutors are capable of.

    Check out ungagged.net for examples of this abuse of power.

  13. Kris – one option against the prosecutors it the state bar association. Read the rules for the appropriate state and if the prosecutor violated any of them, you can submit a complaint. Keep in mind that the complaint will need to cite specific and credible actions/statements/etc., complete with who did what, when, how, etc. and why that action violated a rule. The more specific, the better. An adverse judicial ruling is not helpful to you since the prosecutor will just point to the verdict as a defense, but that is just another hurdle, not a show-stopper. All the more reason to be specific.

    You may or may not be successful with your complaint, but it will put the bar on notice regarding the attorneys in question. Even if you are not successful in your complaint, they may someday have another complaint against those same attorneys. In some minor ways, it puts them in the same corner they put you into.

    Little by little, the various bar associations are starting to grow a pair. I think they have had enough of it all too.

    Just an idea.

  14. Bart,

    Thank you for taking the time to look over my website. I respectfully disagree with the fact in “honest services” is overturned my case my be vacated as a matter of law. I appreciate your guidance as far as the bar association.

    It’s about time.

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