Rex Shelby Cited By Enron Fashion Police

It’s Friday, which can only mean one of two things: I will be posting topless pictures of myself and / or I write silly stuff about Enron executives. But today will be a little different, because there is nothing silly about a man wearing the exact same suit, shirt, and necktie more than four years apart.

Never let it be said I hold this against him in any way. I would happily iron his shirts if he asked me to.

But still.

The first picture is Mr. Shelby looking fresh at the 2000 analyst conference. He’s answering a question here, all Mr. I Got Your Answer Right Here. He violates Cara’s rule about No Blue Shirts EVER!! But I have to admit, it looks pretty nice with the dark grey suit. The purple necktie even looks pretty good, which sort of surprises me; he’s wearing a lot of color and still looks very sharp. Altogether a solid showing. All the Broadband guys where crazy stuff that would make my hair hurt if someone described it but actually looks really good in person.

Then… Sans mustache, some many years later, Rex is snapped by the Houston Chronicle in the exact same outfit! Surely I canna be the only one scandalized by this. Surely I am not the only one who fretted in my diary that, “I fear I must do something dramatic for the elegant Mr Shelby has worn the same outfit in a four year period.” Surely there is worldwide outrage at this! And yet, the outrage is hidden from view as everyone pretends not to care. We Americans are so stiff-upper-lip about some things.

Cara Ellison


  1. You said you would iron his shirt. Are you aware of the anti Feminist overtones of that statement? Do you subjugate yourself to all men this way? I do not blame you entirely for men have brainwashed women into believing they should be served.

    This is an Enron boss you are talking about? He is a thief and you would iron his shirt? What does that say about both our society and you, Cara?

  2. I’m not a feminist. In fact I hate feminists; they seem to hate women only slightly less than they hate men.

    I do not subjugate myself to anyone ever. If I want to iron a man’s shirt, why shouldn’t I? It would make me happy and proud to see him in a shirt I ironed for him. Is there something inherently wrong with ironing shirts?

    Also: you are not fit to utter the name Rex Shelby. He is so much your better in morality, honesty, and goodness that you can not fathom the distance it would require for you to look up to him. He is brilliant and good and innocent and for you to accuse him of being a thief is like accusing God of being a murderer because people die. He has never stolen a nickle from any person. He cares for money less than he cares about ignorant, hairy-armpit hippies blithely uttering platitudes and accusations they aren’t even smart enough to understand. That is, not at all. Don’t talk about Rex Shelby to me. You know nothing of Rex Shelby. You can’t even imagine the goodness of a man like Rex Shelby. Forget him. Forget his name. Just pack up your stupid media-fed accusations and go. You know nothing of Enron, you who sent that letter complaining of “workers”… Who sees nothing but a tired, effete, Marxist version of the world where there are predators called executives and prey called “workers”. I found you amusing at first because you are a relic. But do not discuss Rex Shelby or any of the Enron men. You simly are not worthy to utter their names.

  3. I seem to have struck a nerve. Why are you so passionate about defending a man convicted of many serious crimes? Do you think he cares about the victims? He lied so his stock would go up. Did the ordinary workers of Enron have that same windfall? No. Ask yourself why.

    He is certainly not my “better”. The language you use is telling about your ignorance. How is he my better? Because he is richer than I am? I share my resources with others and tread gently on the earth. Jeff Skilling is responsible for the problems that President Obama is trying to fix. Do you think he or Rex Shelby, Lou Pie or the traders care about that? Even in prison, Skilling and Shelby are millionaires. Wouldn’t their ill-gotten gains be well used to fund education or some other worthy cause? Why compound the insult by allowing them to keep the loot?

    Your accusation that I have hairy armpits is true. Did you ever stop to think why women are forced to remove the hair from their eyebrows, lip, underarms, vagina, and legs? It is to fit a feminine ideal that no woman can truly reach. Shaving is a woman’s attempt to play in a man’s world with the deck stacked against her. By not shaving, I reclaim my natural beauty and my female power by urging men to play by women’s rules. It is empowering.

    The more I learn about you, the more I see that you do not wish to be empowered. Why? Why give men all the power just because they have a penis? You seem to be playing into the tired old stereotype as a woman who will take care of a man and silently watch while he gets all the credit. For instance, if you iron his shirt, do people recognize your effort? No, they only recognize him because he is the power figure. He will come home and you will serve him dinner. Will he even thank you or does he expect it because he has a penis and thus feels entitled to enslave everyone around him.

    I believe Jeff Skilling and the other Enron executives, to include Rex Shelby, believed their male-centric behavior was winked at by regulators, and the government, being more fair than the public sector, refused to give them a pass based on their male supremacy. They got caught because they were men trying to take advantage of others as all men do.

  4. Well you’ve certainly left no stereotype unturned. Hairy armpits, the environment, sharing resources and the old “Jeff Skilling’s penis is evil” argument. Lord have mercy.

    First things first – Rex Shelby has never been convicted of anything. He is not in prison. This goes to prove my first point that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Oh crap, responsibility calls. I will finish this anon.

  5. Did you have some more to say or were you just going to leave it at that??

    How do you know Rex Shelby isn’t in prison? I heard he was.

  6. I know better than to wade in on the shirt ironing and hairy armpits issues, but I can give you info on Rex Shelby.

    One of the tragedies of the Enron witch hunt is how people often think of “Enron executives” as if they are all pretty much the same. Do you really think that Shelby, Skilling, and Pai (the three mentioned) bear much resemblance to one another?

    Let’s look at Shelby (Cara had a post on him a while back). Shelby is an engineer, for heaven’s sake. He is an entrepreneur who has started small businesses in which he bore the financial risk of those businesses, not public shareholders. Shelby created jobs for people, and, by all accounts, his employees loved him.

    Shelby ended up at Enron Broadband because his software company was acquired by Enron. That’s how he ended up with Enron stock, the first public stock he ever owned in his entire life. The government indicted him because he traded his stock to get out of the stock market. My god, the man was only at Enron Broadband for about 18 months — he has no Enron background other than that.

    Shelby was in a trial that lasted more than 3 months. He has been acquitted by a jury or the court of nearly everything he has been charged with, and he has never been convicted of anything. Of course, he is not in prison. He has refused plea deals because he feels it is important to fight. In fighting the government, Shelby is probably doing more for our constitutional rights than we understand.

    I know that when people bad mouth the Enron executives, they are just reacting to a false public image that they have picked up. But when the power of the federal government is wielded against private individuals, especially people like Shelby, it pays for us all to be more thoughtful about what is really going on.

  7. Right on, Leo. Putting aside the Shelby issue for just a moment, I would like to hear what such a smart man has to say about shirt ironing.

  8. As a man who takes advantage of others as all men do, I love it when a woman irons a shirt for me.


    Seriously, I must not be a man since I do more laundry (including ironing) and cooking than my wife does. She works longer hours, so I pick up the slack. Does that make me a cuckhold or what? What a load of CRAP.

    We enjoy doing things for each other, because we love and respect each other. Ironing a shirt for someone is not a subservient action, especially when it is done without expectations. It is merely a way of showing someone you care. It’s no different than making someone a cup of coffee in the morning.

    The whole “empowerment” argument is so lame it makes my eyes bleed. Evidently, it’s okay to emansculate men and force them to live by a womans rules, but not the other way around. Makes no sense to me.

  9. Leo,

    Rex Shelby started businesses because he wanted to make money, like all the Enron executives. I think his entrprenurialship is an indication that he would do dishonest things to get ahead.
    Rude1, we have lived by men’s rules for too long. We should try it the female way and see if the world is better.

  10. pfffft.

    I iron my husbands shirts occasionally. When I do, he always exclaims, “She LOVES me!” whether I’m in the room or not. Its lovely, being loved. Especially 12 years and 4 kids later. There is nothing degrading about ironing a shirt.

  11. Mrs. Hippie, if you choose to be believe that entrepreneurs are inherently prone to dishonesty, you have a right to that opinion, I suppose. I personally know lots of entrepreneurs, and my observation is that they are, at the very least, just as honest as any others I have met.

    But the real issue here is what do you really know about Rex Shelby? Have you ever talked with him? Have you read the transcripts of what he said at his trial? Do you have any idea why he chose an entrepreneurial life, which, by the way, is a different lifestyle than most Enron executives? Do you have any idea at all what motivates the man? Do you know what he did with his money? Do you know if he made financial sacrifices for his employees at the businesses he created? Do you know anything at all about this man who you seem content to assume is a dishonest, money-hungry “Enron executive”?

    It amazes me, given the fiasco of the federal government’s results in the Enron prosecutions, that so many people remain lackadaisical in their attitudes about the subject.

  12. Mrs. Hippie,

    You keep opening your mouth and talking about Rex Shelby when you clearly know nothing about him. He is not in prison. His money – and Jeff Skilling’s and indeed anyone’s – is none of your business. What if I didn’t like the way you were spending your money and demanded a piece of it?

    You’re not even close to accurate about Rex Shelby. Not even in the same stratosphere.

  13. Mrs. Hippie,

    I stumbled upon this thread by accident (right…like I “accidentally” check Cara’s blogs for new content “accidentally” several times each day). Did you actually mean to say about Rex Shelby that he became an entrepreneur ” because he wanted to make money, like all the Enron executives.”..and ” I think his entrprenurialship is an indication that he would do dishonest things to get ahead.”?? Surely, you must be some sort of curiously strange ‘relic’ of some sort. I thought that you, being a person who, at the least, was coincidentally able to put a few sentences together (notwithstanding the mispellings in your retorts) and your clear ignorance of Rex Shelby’s basic status & legal situation, would not be able to blurt out your commentary on ‘entrepreneurship’ with straight face. Believe me, I mean no offense nor do I take any joy in saying this, but I think you must be some sort of mutation that comes along once in a long while: one who probably is skilled enough to walk upright and flush a toilet occasionally, but so darned ignorant in other areas to defy reason. Thank you for making me stop in my tracks, and actually ponder your existence.

  14. Papakudr,

    Right on, homeboy. I admit, I was amused by Mrs. Hippie’s commentary on feminism and hairy armpits, but when she stepped her toe into the subject of Rex Shelby, my brains began to bubble and fry.

    I will tolerate all kinds of ignorance and even stupidity from people on the subject of Enron, but insulting Rex Shelby simply is not allowed. Those kinds of comments must be addressed, even if they are wildly wrong.

    Rex Shelby is innocent. He is a hero. I would iron his shirt every day if he asked me to.

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