Gore Linked To Enron

In a hilarious and misguided attempt to discredit both Al Gore and Enron in one fell swoop, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson attempted to link Al Gore to Enron. Al Gore doesn’t need any help being discredited, but the attempt to use Enron for that purpose is just silly.

In unusually sharp questioning at a Capitol Hill hearing, Scalise asked Gore about a 1997 meeting he had with Enron CEO Ken Lay and about reports that Gore was connected to Goldman Sachs, which Scalise said raises serious questions about whether the cap-and-trade scheme will enrich some while causing huge job losses.

See, the problem with people is that they hear “Enron” and go into panic mode. 1997 is two years before the so-called “conspiracy period” and twelve years ago. And by the way, who the hell cares about a meeting?


He asked Gore about his meeting with Lay, who died in 2006 after his conviction for securities fraud. Why should American trust a cap-and-trade system — that will produce “big winners and big losers” — that was developed by companies with dubious reputations, he asked Gore.

Gore accused Scalise of trying to assert “guilt by association.”

“I didn’t know him well enough to call him ‘Kenny boy,’ ” said Gore, alluding to the nickname given Lay by former President George W. Bush.


Mrs. Lay called her husband Kenny Boy. President George W. Bush apparently made the horrible error of judgement in using the nickname. But this is just stupid.

I agree – attack Democrats on their stupid envirowacky policies. But please, find better arguments than “Enron was bad” to achieve political goals.

Cara Ellison

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