Birthday Wish

My birthday is Sunday.  Today is Friday – the last business day of the week. I know for a fact that the 5th Circuit releases its opinions at noon and five o’clock – I know because I signed up for the service to receive the actual opinions, twice a day, directly from the Court. So if FinancialWeek is correct, and any decision is made about Jeff Skilling’s freedom this week, it will be announced within the next few minutes. I am on the edge of my seat.

If his convictions are overturned, I’ll never ask for another birthday present for as long as I live.

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14 thoughts on “Birthday Wish

  1. Now see, they say never to publicly state your wishes or they don’t come true! Well, there’s always Monday.

  2. Oh and happy birthday! I hope you receive some shiny baubles!

  3. Happy birthday, Cara!!

  4. Happy birthday, Cara!!

  5. Happy birthday, sweetie! You’re still my favorite blogger (and by far, the easiest on the eyes).

  6. happy birthday

  7. Happy birthday!!!

  8. happy birthday, Cara :)

    this is my birthday haiku:

    Cara Ellison
    for your birthday I bought you
    a new bed, x o

  9. For M who taught me
    Fastow liked Toyota’s

    : )

    THANK YOU, Chron, Russ, Sheila, Tracey, PX, and M!

  10. that’s not a haiku
    five syllables, seven, five
    that is a haiku

  11. You are a dork, M.
    I love you but you’re a dork.
    Five syllables, M.

    IT”S MY BIRTHDAY! I can screw up a haiku on my bday. I don’t get points subtracted for missing one lousy syllable in the second line. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!

  12. Happy Birthday, pretty girl! I hope you celebrate lavishly!

  13. Thank you Lisa!

  14. Happy Birthday.

    I hope you continue to celebrate throughout the months and may all your dreams come true!

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