Birthday Wish

My birthday is Sunday.  Today is Friday – the last business day of the week. I know for a fact that the 5th Circuit releases its opinions at noon and five o’clock – I know because I signed up for the service to receive the actual opinions, twice a day, directly from the Court. So if FinancialWeek is correct, and any decision is made about Jeff Skilling’s freedom this week, it will be announced within the next few minutes. I am on the edge of my seat.

If his convictions are overturned, I’ll never ask for another birthday present for as long as I live.

Cara Ellison


  1. For M who taught me
    Fastow liked Toyota’s

    : )

    THANK YOU, Chron, Russ, Sheila, Tracey, PX, and M!

  2. You are a dork, M.
    I love you but you’re a dork.
    Five syllables, M.

    IT”S MY BIRTHDAY! I can screw up a haiku on my bday. I don’t get points subtracted for missing one lousy syllable in the second line. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!

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