Former Enron Employees Keep Fraudulent Money

Former Enron employees were accidentally given enormous payouts, and Enron wants its money back. Naturally, some blogs, notably Loren Steffy’s, are up in arms over the gall of Enron asking for its money back. Commentators base their opinion on the assumption that Enron did something wrong or criminal, so perhaps its not shocking that they’re outraged. But the fact remains, if these employees keep their dirty dollars, they’re committing fraud, exactly as they accuse Enron. In fact, in their case its even more egregious because they know that it’s a clear cut case of fraud. There’s no gray area, no byzantine accounting rules to follow. They are stealing – and they’re indignant about their stealing.

Thanks, Enron Employees, for showing the world where¬†Enron’s reputation for corruption really comes from.

Cara Ellison

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