Rusty Yates Has New Baby With Second Wife

This CNN report has left me feeling a little off-canted. Rusty Yates, whose first wife drowned their five children, has started a new family. He remarried in 2006. His new wife had a son on March 20.

I read it in a blur – sort of shocked that so much time has passed since that devastating day when we learned Andrea Yates drowned her children in the bathtub at her suburban home. It was something I wish I didn’t know. But I do – I know how her eldest son ran from her when he saw what she had done. How he struggled. She was bigger though, and stronger, and she won. So yes, the Andrea Yates story, for better or worse, is in our collective memory. It was the first bad thing in the three bad things that would happen that summer and autumn of 2001.

I remember how Feminists were enraged with Randy Yates, accusing him of being a monster for leaving Andrea at home with those children when she was so obviously incapable of caring for them. I remember reading about how he homesteaded with her and five children in a converted school bus, which seemed quite odd to me, and I found that a little callous. Any mother is going to need more than a school bus. Any mother – and any woman for that matter – needs a door to close behind her. Still, Randy Yates wasn’t the one who killed his children. And I remember even in the frothing debate, I did not develop an opinion on Randy Yates – and I still don’t have one.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel a little weird reading that he had just fathered his sixth child – his first with his new wife. Childbirth in any circumstance is life affirming. Life goes on, I suppose, even for a man who has undergone a massive trauma that nobody should ever have to endure. And I guess its a sign of faith that he didn’t just say to his new wife, I love you and I’ll marry you but I can’t go through being a father again. Maybe he’s good at it. Maybe he loves being a father more than anything. I don’t know. But I find it odd as well as life-affirming. There is something obsessive about it with him. I realize I am getting far afield of my own expertise here, but it’s just something I sense in him. This desire to procreate. Yet in pictures he never looked particularly chummy with the kids. I suppose I could have missed some, but the pictures that were shown all over television were Andrea looking a little wild-eyed with a toddler in one arm and an infant in another. There were few pictures, as I recall, of Randy with any of the kids. He seemed to enjoy looking at them, certainly.

Life goes on. Even with your children dead, and your life locked up forever in a mental institution. Life goes on. I wish that brought me comfort, but all I feel about it in this case is a chilly sense of doom.

Cara Ellison


  1. He did seem a bit callous and uncaring towards his wife and her feelings/mental problems. The engineer types are like that; not so much meaning to be cold and callous, but it’s in the engineer nature not to be too insightful into things that can’t be seen. They are the black and white types who have difficulty seeing the grey areas. Very logical and very analytical. They are great genetic material, but horrible in relationships with women that require intimacy. They are not like the artist or musician types.

    Still, I think it was cold, callous and extremely unfair for the fems and media to have gone after him so harshly over her killing the kids. I think they were way too hard on him considering what he lost. And besides, even if he wasn’t paying attention to the warning signs of her mental state, how could ANYONE have foreseen her doing that? The other relatives certainly didn’t. If her close female relatives didn’t have an insight, how could we expect a man (and an engineer at that) to have had the insight into what she might do?
    It just wasn’t compassionate the way they treated Rusty. I hope Andrea can make a life for herself, but I also hope she uses good sense and decides to get sterilized. The potential for killing another batch of kids will always be there.

  2. It’s terrible what Andrea did and it haunts me. But Rusty should have been more supportive. Let’s hope he is with his new wife.

  3. I’m happy for Rusty. I thought his sticking by Andrea through all that unimaginable pain and chaotic publicity was a show of good character. He deserves happiness and I hope he’s found it with his new family.

  4. Jessica,

    See, that is EXACTLY the sort of attitude I wish I could have. But beneath Rusty’s ‘Father Knows Best’ exterior is a sort of coldness I can’t quite get through. But what the heck do I know? Seriously – if he’s happy with his new family, I wish him nothing but the best.

  5. He stayed with Andrea through the hardest time. Must he serve a life sentence as well? It must be extremely difficult to move on with the world watching. Get busy living or get busy dying…

  6. Rusty is a man who is incapable of raising a child or cope with a marriage well. Why was not he arrested for child neglect and why did he push his mentally ill wife to have the 5th kid. There are many people who shouldn’t have kids and Rusty and Andrea were these kinds of people.
    I hope his new wife and their son is safe unlike his last family. If you want a real interesting perspective on Rusty see the True Story report on the case and Rusty’s justifications of the murders.

  7. Its very scary that this man was able to still reproduce after being nothing more than a breeder and a cold fish. Why was he not arrested yrs ago? ITs not hard to figure that he played on the emotions of the people to get out of being held partially responsible for what happened to the 5 kids. His role was a larger one than was let on.
    Lets ask this…..What kind of brainless person marries a man who kept his wife in a bus raising the kids, left her alone to care for all the kids knowing she was mentally ill… his second wife must not be any better a person than he is. maybe bottom feeders need the 15 minutes of fame more than the rest do.

  8. I think he deserves to be happy ……yes Andrea had a problem and what she should have done she did not do…protect her children..she should have walked away….and before anyone say’s I have no clue what post partum depression is yes I do I have 4 childrenand with the first 2 I had it and when I felt overwelmed I walked away went to my grandmother and husband and told them what was wrong….Andrea did not she murdered the most precious ppl in her lives who loved her and trusted her…and though that she would protect them.
    God Bless you Rusty and your new family…congrats on the birth of your 6th child!!!!

  9. All of the other adults in Andrea Yates’ life, starting with her husband, had the responsibility of intervening when it became clear she couldn’t handle life. Post partum depression worsens with each successive birth, and I suspect that both Rusty and Andrea were told by a doctor that she suffered from it after the second child was born, if not the first. Both Rusty and Andrea should have decided to stop having children at that point, and if Andrea was incapable of such a decision back then, it was Rusty’s responsibility to make it. Andrea’s parents and siblings also shoulder some of the responsibility, as it’s pretty hard to believe that they “had no idea” anything was wrong with her, when she had attempted suicide and looked catatonic by the time she drowned her children. The warning signs were there, but nobody chose to “get involved” enough to do something about it. It’s likely that neither Rusty nor Andrea’s familiy were willing to take on the care of these children, which they would have had to do if their mother was institutionalized. The children were left in clear and present danger by adults who had a responsibility to look out for their best interests. They paid the ultimate price. The same holds true with Caylee Anthony in Florida. At the first point it became clear to Caylee’s maternal grandparents that she was unfit to care for her child, THEY should have stepped in and taken over. I’m tired of the selfishness, the “I’m done raising my children, now it’s time for ME.” No. When young adults show that they are not responsible to BE parents, it’s the responsibility of THEIR parents to take over. Period, end of story, as we’ve seen what happens when that DOESN’T happen. It doesn’t “take a village,” but it DOES take a selfless family. I doubt that Rusty Yates will make the same mistake twice.

  10. Actually, it wasn’t diagnosed as post-partum depression, it was stated as post-partum psychosis. She had a serious break with reality, thinking that if she didn’t kill them and send them to heaven that they would be killed by Satan and taken to hell. Rusty, under the influence of itinerant fundamentalist preacher Michael Peter Woroniecki, continued to insist that Andrea continue having children and raise them in a school bus, largely by herself, where the family homesteaded.

  11. I cannot believe all the Rusty Yates enablers on this board. Rusty should have been prosecuted by the Harris County D.A’s office for child endangerment or child abadonment. He was the sane one in that relationship yet he did nothing to protect those children. He just whistled off to work. His behavior rose to the level of criminal conduct. He’s a socially retarded engineer, but he is also responsible for the safety of those children. The Tarrant County D.A.’s office just sucessfully prosecuted a dad, Michael Maxon, for child abandonment. He too left a child with a mentally ill mother who killed their child while he ran errands. Harris County D.As.’s office is filled with big talkers, but they are a bunch of pansies. Didn’t they just wring their hands at all the crap the Enron board of directors got away with? Sure, the US attorney’s office should have prosecuted them for insider trading, but Harris County could have at least called a Grand Jury and made them uncomfortable.

  12. Ugh – I cannot believe this man was allowed to reproduce again. He is absolutely responsible for the deaths of FIVE children – he was warned repeatedly that his wife would be sicker if she had more children and to NOT leave them alone with her – so to the first commenter MULTIPLE people foresaw and warned about what would happen. He had his chance with 5 children and failed them as a father.

  13. to Debbie–Andrea did tell her husband she did not want more children and even reminded him that the doctor had told them she would have serious emotional and physical consequences if she got pregnant again. Yates ignored her plea and the warning.
    to Dave–how do you define “sane” where Russell{Rusty} Yates is concerned? Did you see him in his interviews—he did not blink—actually did not lower his eyelids as most people do to lubricate the eye. He stared wideyed as if that would make him innocent in the view of the audience. That is not normal behavior. He wore sunglasses at his second wedding—does he have an eye problem? Andrea asked him not to marry until after her second trial, but he lied and said she was happy that he was marrying.
    Did anyone ever see him holding,hugging his children? One photo of his standing apart while “tiny ” kids worked at playing with challenging toys outdoors. Very strange person.
    How does anyone use the excuse that he is an engineer to cover for his child and wife abandonment and endangerment. What an insult to engineers!

  14. People can never truly understand unless they lived it. I am 41 years old and my Mother who is now 72 years old has been mentally ill on and off my 41 years. I have two brothers, a older sister and a twin sister. postpardum depression was a definite issue, she seemed to get sick, that’s what we call it when she would have to be hospitalized for weeks, when she would come home she would be fine for a few years and then it would happen again. The time leading up to her getting help sometimes went on for weeks, the state i’m from the mental health laws would prevent us from getting help sooner. trying to get someone to sign themselves into a hospital when there are mentally ill can be hard. We no longer have to wait till she signs herself in, my family can have it court ordered, and has had to a few times in fear of her hurting someone. My Father has always been there for her, they just celebrated there 50 th anniversary this year. We are all so thankful that he never gave up on her or us kids. Most men would have left. My Father knows it is an illness, always taught us that it is something she can not control. I have seen a documentary a few years ago about Andrea Yates. The similarities in behavior, my Mother was on Haldol for over 20 years. Andrea was on Haldol, which Rusty stated helped her. He talked about the Hospital discharging her when she wasn’t ready, we have lived that many times. A Hospital almost killed her by giving her a shot of Haldol when she had already been given a shot at a different hospital very dangerous. After four days of her being completely unresponsive and dozens of test they brought her out of it with an adrenaline shot, even though my Father told them over and over she was over medicated, they had to rule out stroke, etc. But they overdosed her, put her in renal failure, she managed to survive that. The amount of medicine she takes would kill most people. Today is Christmas 2011 and My mother has been hospitalized since march of this year, her mental state is unstable, she will have a couple good days, then a couple bad days. I have lived this, the only difference in these two stories is that our Mother didn’t hurt us, Our Mother loved us and Andrea Yates loved her children too. We were lucky, I think my Mother probably has gone into the psychosis part of this illness, Andrea Yates was only left alone for an hour that morning, and being in that psychotic state she thought she was doing what was right. I feel rusty yates is misunderstood, when i seen him talking on that documentary I seen a man that could completely relate to my Dad. It’s easy for people who don’t understand to judge him,

  15. DMM, God bless you and your siblings. I too was raised by a mentally ill mother. My mother was bipolar and back in the 50’sand 60’s we didn’t seek psychiatric care so she went untreated and my brother and I bared the brunt of it. She was mean and violent when she was manic and almost catatonic when she was not. When I was a teenager she tried to pour turpentine into my female organs to sterilize me so that I couldn’t get pregnant and “embarrass her in the neighborhood”. We survived and so has she. At 90 she is in a nursing home, finally medicated but totally lost to reality. My father went to an early grave, partially due to the stress of holding her together as best he could. Unfortunately, Andrea Yates’ children didn’t get the opportunity to grow up and nobody knows what Rusty tried to do to help his wife and save his children. He has been judged harshly by thos who have not walked in his shoes.

  16. I would be creeped out at the idea of marrying Russell Yates and especially at the idea of having his child. So, my question is — what is wrong with his 2nd wife that she would do that? She should be grossed out at being intimate with a man who was intimate with Andrea. I don’t think he’s evil — just creepy!! Let’s see how many kids he has with her.

  17. Having all these children was enough in itself, and being with them 24/7 was crazy – they should have went to school. This women should have been able to breath. What I do blame her husband for is he should have seen to the above.

  18. Rusty and Andrea were Quiverfull and he is partially responsible for what happened. They were fully informed about the psychosis and told not to have any more children. They both made a conscious choice to breed and the results were horrific. Their robotic obedience to an authoritarian religious movement was the underlying reason for the Yates decision to disregard the reality of Andreas condition and continue creating more children. I wonder if he and wife nbr two are Quiverfull?

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more. He should have been held more accountable. Who keeps getting their wife pregnant when it is obvious that she suffers from postpartum and is clearly overwhelmed. Five kids, home schooling, etc. He definitely had a part in the death of his children.

  20. The person most responsible for the deaths of the children was the adult who left them alone with their terribly ill mother. May they rest in peace.

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